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Kreativität fördern: so bleiben Sie wettbewerbsfähig
Warum Männer starke Frauen fürchten
Kreativität fördern: so bleiben Sie wettbewerbsfähig
Warum Männer starke Frauen fürchten

Interesting topics will be covered at the International Innovation Film Festival.

International Innovation Film Festival

Good day Mrs. Patsula-Rükgauer. Could you please introduce yourself briefly for our readers?

My name is Michèle Patsula-Rükgauer. I was born in Canada and I have worked in theater as an actress and as a Script Supervisor in the Canadian film industry for over 20 years before sitting next to a Swiss man on AC Flight 844 and being „whisked away“ to the beautiful country of Switzerland. I am very proud now to call myself Swiss, although my family here would agree that the language still escapes me. That doesn’t stop me, however, from enjoying everything Swiss; Swiss Music, the Swiss Alps, the Schwingfest, Swiss chocolate and of course, Swiss cheese fondue. Currently, I am Artistic Director at the International Innovation Film Festival that is being held in Bern next February 2019.

On February 14 2019 the International Innovation Film Festival starts. What is this event exactly about?

The festival, which is set to run for five days, will include innovative methodologies in filmmaking, financing, marketing and non-profit organizations.

The primary aim of this event is to bring both the creatives and the blockchain enthusiasts together.

Sharing their ideas, platforms and challenges. While the Film Industry encourages artists to be „Creatively Innovative”, the Blockchain encourages mankind by “Keeping Business Transparent”, and the Non-Profit Organizations encourages humanity into “Sharing the Profit.” All is done, collectively, under the umbrella that “Life is Creative.”

What highlights can we look forward to?

We will showcase ten international movies that have innovative approaches in either production, style, financing, marketing, content, or story-telling. We will be teaching from the ground up about Blockchain and its applications and how it could be applied in filmmaking from pre-production to post-production. We have five different theme days: Women in Innovation, Youth in Innovation (16 – 22 years old), Crowdfunding, Blockchain Applied to Creative & Media Industries and Blockchain Business. In addition, joining our festival are the Kissinger Twins who are a film and interactive director duo. They mix digital technologies with film, music, literature and social media to create new forms of storytelling. They are also going present a masterclass with the Youth in Innovation theme day called „Storytelling on Instagram.“ Also joining us is Tom Greder with Panorama Kinotheatre. Panorama redefines the theatrical experience, as its rotating viewing cabinet transforms reality into fantasy. His performances to me embodies why we press forward with creative innovation.

Will there be a guest we women can be proud of in particular? If yes, who and why?

We have the Cryptochicks from Canada with their mission to grow the professional and leadership potential of women in blockchain technology through education and mentorship. They believe that women’s involvement will help the blockchain realize its enormous potential as an instrument of positive change in the world.




Konkurrenz und Wirtschaft

Michèle Patsula-Rükgauer


Job title
Artistic Director

International Innovation Film Festival


Michèle Patsula-Rükgauer is Canadian born and bred. She has worked in theater as an actress and as a script supervisor in the film industry before coming to Switzerland. Here she is involved with film working in projects as a director and editor. She currently is Artistic Director at the International Innovation Film Festival in Bern.

Good to know

Blockchain – by now everyone has heard of it but not many people understand what blockchain exactly is about. The blockchain technology has been invented in 2008 already. However, it only came into public dialogue when Bitcoin was launched. Blockchain is the technology used for digital currency. This technology allows digital information to be distributed, but not copied, which means that every individual piece of data can only have one owner. The information is stored in numerous locations and updated straight away, which means the records are public and can be verified at any given time. Also, it is very difficult to hack since there is no central location and the information exists at the same time in millions of places.

Niloo Ravaei, a young and hip filmmaker turned coder. She is an instructor with who has a talent for explaining complex concepts in simple terms. We have Dominique Kunz with Procivis in CH whose interest in start-up techniques and the effects of disruptive technologies on society pushes women and business forward in innovation. We have Prof. Christine Bamford, Founder of Women’s Coin Foundation, voted top ten global women Fintech leaders. Women’s Coin is the first global crypto-currency of value supporting empowerment for women and girls through investment in digital learning, business skills and digital identity. She is taking the purchasing power of women and putting it into Blockchain Technology, which will accelerate the collective consciousness of humanity to further empower girls and women who are in need.

We have Irina Albita and Maria Tanjala from Big Couch UK whose motto is „Crew up or Crewfund – Find crews. Make films. Share the profit.“Together they are rocking the way films are being produced, making it possible for every creative person to see their dream become a reality.

Since 2017, Big Couch has been developing a new product, Filmchain, on the Ethereum blockchain, in partnership with Imperial College London, to efficiently collect film and video content revenues and instantly pay all the stakeholders. This legal framework and algorithm take the number of profit points and formulates payment structures that are fair and unbiased for both crew and producers. We have also an Award-winning filmmaker Uga Caralini who has been specializing in female driven heroine stories. Uga’s story „Alison“ was the driving force behind one of 2016’s most successful „end violence against women“ campaigns called the #butterflyrevolution.

In the film industry there are no big differences between man and woman. Both can be successful. Do you share this view or are we getting deceived by appearances and the media?

Yes, both men and women can be successful, but the journey for a woman is a lot harder. The number of behind-the-scenes jobs held by women still has seen no progress in the past two decades. A 2017 study done in the US by San Diego State’s Center showed that women made up 18% of all directors, writer, producers, executive producers, editors and cinematographers working on the top 250 domestic grossing films. This information is still pretty heart breaking to me.

I know from my own experience that out of around eight heads around the camera I would be the only woman. It didn’t bother me, at the time it was just reality. I would, however, like to believe that this can be an historical year/decade for women.

Creating new and innovative learning programs for women can simply contribute more self worth and confidence.

We have centuries of traditions and history keeping us at this constant vibration of being „less than“. I would really like women to tap into one of the greatest secrets of Japanese martial arts. It is referred to as „winning without fighting.“ This essentially means „to avoid resonating at the same vibrational level with the enemy.“ I am not saying that men are the enemy, but if we would just resonate to our highest level or rather our highest ideal of ourselves. We wouldn’t have to fight or complain to be seen or heard. We have already creatively won.

Where is it possible to book tickets?

Tickets are available on our website:

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