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The WPS Index, a measure for Women’s Well-Being and Empowerment globally.

The WPS Index – Women’s well-being and empowerment

Women’s Well-Being and Empowerment – An Important aspect for countries development globally according to the WPS Index.

The Women, Peace, and Security Index is based on measuring women’s well-being on a global scale, endorsed by a multinational research team. It ranks 167 countries based on how well they treat women. The Index depends on data points which capture main aspects from education and employment to violence against women and discrimination laws. The WPS index features both the achievements and drawbacks of countries around the world.

In the WPS Index, the researchers review and set together statistics from the UN, World Bank, and Gallup World Poll for 167 countries and use financial, legal, and social indicators to determine how women are doing country by country. The index intents to answer many vital questions about gender equality and women’s security. The 2019 WPS Index ranks 167 countries based on measurements in the home, under the law, and in society as a whole. The study considers at women’s participation in the economy, and it also echoes on intimate partner violence, which women likely face. The result is an overall measure of women’s well-being all over the world.

Gender equality is a global agenda that impacts people from all walks of life. The countries are assessed over a range of gender-based measurements and points out their strengths and weaknesses. It covers a broad range of statistics regarding gender equality, as in women’s employment numbers to political participation, and presents as an important standard for countries around the world. No country is perfect, and every country could do more to protect, nurture, and empower women, asserts the researchers.

The researchers have found in most countries’ improvement in women’s access to financial services. But this improvement automatically decreases in conflict affected countries like Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan, to name a few, where on average only 1 in 10 women are financially included. These countries which have the least protection for women have lost ground in the WPS Index. By identifying where women are struggling, the index can prompt necessary changes.

Domestic violence and oppression against women are fundamental issues which prevails through all regions, cultures, rich or poor, old or young cites the WPS index. The WPS Index offers an important conclusive test that reminds citizens and leaders to think about their position in the world and their treatment of women. The researchers are looking at patterns to see which policies and programs across countries can help protect women against repeated abuse throughout their lifetime. The WPS Index tracks how representative governments are in agreement of gender equality. In most developed countries, there is a rise in Women’s representation in government positions, but it still adds up to 22% of parliamentary positions worldwide.

The World Economic Forum examines the gender gap in the financial sector, but it doesn’t include justice, discrimination, security in home or in the community. The WPS Index data features in many media channels like National Geographic and NPR, to showcase women’s issues and current events into context, and provide insights on how different countries treat women. Many academic journals, local papers, and national publications have mentioned the comprehensive WPS index facts and findings for its global audience. No other global studies can answer these questions conclusively.

In future, the WPS Index will aim to consider the issue of legal protections for women – which in some countries are in law books but not enforced. The researchers are keen to look how countries have laws protecting women, how consistently and stringently these are enforced.

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